Lucy Hunter

A little bit about me!

My background is varied but has always involved working with people in one way or another. I have worked in both the hairdressing and hospitality industries, spent time travelling and working overseas before settling in London and working in Harley Street as a Dental Nurse until I started a family.

After years of struggling with infertility issues, several rounds of IVF, and an ectopic pregnancy, I was lucky enough to have twins, however at cost to my health. Whilst looking after twin babies I was living with debilitating migraines, back pain and a premature menopause.  Taking medication for this wasn’t an option for me, as I wasn’t able to function so I started investigating holistic therapies.  This was a game changer for me, providing an insight into a whole new approach to my health and a new way of life.  Once I started to think holistically, I had to admit that my diet and lifestyle were also a factor. I had slipped into bad eating patterns as I concentrated all my energy on my babies. So, after many years of experimenting with different therapies and adjusting my way of life I have a desire to share this knowledge with others as well as providing a safe retreat where you can relax, re-charge and be heard.

As well as working one to one with clients, I run workshops on flower essences, reflexology for self/family and friends, host a womens circle as will be adding day retreats in the future.


  • ABC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology with the Maureen Burgess School of Reflexology
  • Advanced Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences with Essentially Flowers Training
  • ABC Level 3 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology
  • Usai Reiki First Degree with Sue Hutchings
  • Usai Reiki Second Degree with Sue Hutchings
  • Rhythm of Beauty Coach
  • Bergman Method Facial Reflexology
  • Bergman Method Advanced Facial Reflexology

Got a question? Just send me a message… I’d love to hear from you!