Flower Essences


Throughout history many cultures have been harnessing the healing power of plants and flowers for their natural health giving properties. In the 1930’s bacteriologist and homeopath Dr Edward Bach whose research into finding a more holistic approach to medicine led him to the creation of 38 flower remedies and his rescue remedy that is widely known and used throughout the world today. An important part of Bach’s philosophy was for these remedies to be made available to everyone so he published two booklets ‘Heal Thyself’ and ‘The Twelve Healer and Other Remedies’.

Today, as awareness has grown there are hundreds of essence producers worldwide making essences to address the wide range of ever changing emotions that are faced in modern life. Flower essences are tinctures of flowers that have been suspended in water and preserved in alcohol and unlike aromatherapy oils they have no scent. They contain the vibrational frequencies rather than the physical material of the plant. Essences can be used by anyone including animals,babies, children, during pregnancy and for those with serious illness. They are non-addictive, self-adjusting and are compatible with all orthodox medicine.


How do they work?

Flower essences treat the individual, not the disease by working on the emotional condition. We are energetic beings with every part of us vibrating at a certain frequency; this energy constantly flows through our body as it is released and renewed. When you feel an emotion, what you are in fact experiencing is the vibration of a particular energy.

Shock, trauma and demands of everyday life can disrupt the normal flow of energy so that it becomes trapped somewhere within the body. It is from these blockages that problems begin to manifest because the energy field is distorted. Each flower, plant, crystal, environmental or channeled essence carries a positive energetic signature, so by selecting those that resonate with your emotional state the body is flooded with positive vibrations and balance is restored.

How can they help?

  • Distress and upsets
  • Times of transition
  • Concerns and worry
  • Feeling out of sorts
  • Protection from negativity
  • Tension
  • Harmony in relationships
  • Direction and focus
  • Inner guidance and clarity

What to expect from a Flower Essence Consultation

Your first appointment last for about 75 minutes whilst we complete a health questionnaire.  Then we will explore what issues are preventing you from living your best life. Every session will be unique to you and what is revealed.  I work intuitively as well as using flower cards, colour and pendulum dowsing.

This is your opportunity to be very honest about how you feel, not how you think you should feel.  Sometimes people find that just by naming their emotions and getting them out in the open, they immediately feel lighter, self awareness is a huge part of the healing journey.  Throughout the process I will guide you towards setting a very clear intention of how you would like to feel, then together we will match essences most suited to your issues.

I work with several different ranges of essences including Healing Herbs, Australian Bush Flower, FES, Spirit in Nature, Saskia’s Essences, Nature’s Wish and Patagonia Essences.

Once chosen, I will blend your essences and present you with a monthly dosage bottle to be taken as directed.

Appointments are in person or via Zoom Video Call.



I would usually advise a course of at least three appointments one month apart, especially when seeking to dissolve deeper issues. The way it works is that as blocks disappear, other things might be show up and different essences may be required. If you are not sure if essences are for you or if you have been taking them for some time but just need some guidance then a one off appointment is indicated.

With a dosage bottle, essences are usually taken by placing a few drops on the tongue, but can also be added to a glass of water and sipped. You can put essences in your bath water, in creams and lotions or they can be made into a spray. Sometimes the impact can be instant, but usually the effect of flower essences is very subtle as negative emotions are gently dissolved. You may feel a little more emotional than usual but this will soon pass as stuck emotions are released. It’s always very worthwhile to keep a journal whilst you are following a monthly essence cycle to help clarify your thoughts and feelings.