Living in Harmony with the Seasons of the year

The way we live today with rapid advances in modern technology and labour saving devices, we seem to have more to occupy and distract us than ever before. As we continue to overload ourselves with extra duties, responsibilites and generally packing as much as possible into life, our connection with nature and the seasons has diminished, with many suffering from stress and burn out as a result.

By observing the natural rhythms of the earth, we become more present and able to be guided when to retreat, rest and reflect. When to spring into action and detox. When to carry out those projects, network and party! And finally when to start slowing down again as we complete the circle of the year.

Living in harmony with nature like this is returning to a simpler but more balanced way of life, as you harness and expend energy at the most beneficial times.

My Story

Although I’m a holistic therapist with a strong connection to nature, I still wasn’t aligned to the seasons and ran at the same speed all year, without giving myself time to re-charge. I wasn’t eating seasonally, for example I would eat salad and drink ice cold water throughout winter, so instead of creating warmth in my body, I was creating dampness.  I really used to struggle once Autumn came around, and had an even harder time in Winter, willing it to come to an end, instead of embracing it!  Upon the greatly anticipated arrival of Spring, I would often feel exhausted, get flattened by a virus or get a series of bad headaches. That was until Winter 2017, my training with Rhythm of Beauty, has shown me how living in alignment with the seasons can improve your wellbeing.  Needless to say, I don’t think I have enjoyed a Winter so much since childhood!

A bit about Rhythm of Beauty

Rhythm of Beauty
Spring Flower Essence

Rhythm of Beauty is a unique range of handcrafted holistic skincare products made in tune with the moon and the seasons.  These luxurious goodies are packed with botanicals, high vibrational essential oils and flower essences that deeply nourish your skin as well as supporting your overall wellbeing.

With many years of experience working for large skincare companies and as a holistic professional, founder Louise Allen designed a bespoke treatment experience – “Rhythm of Beauty Alignments” Each season the formula is adjusted using the appropriate herbs, flowers and oils.  The full session is two hours including seasonal nutritional and lifestyle advice, herbal teas, healthy snacks and some or all of the following: facial, lymphatic drainage, bodywork, flower essence therapy, acupressure and balancing reiki.  I have had the Winter and Spring Alignments now, and it’s quite extraordinary how your energy changes with each one.   I love, love, love the products and they have become part of my daily self care routine.

The Rhythm of Spring

As the new shoots and blossom appears in Spring, it’s a signal for us to start moving again with some gentle exercise such as yoga or walking, after slowing down over the Winter months.  Now is the perfect time to give your body a bit of a spring clean and light detox by clean eating, and avoiding fats, sugars, alcohol, dairy, meat and chemicals.  Consuming  plenty of raw food and chlorophyll rich leafy green veg will help cleanse the liver and purify the blood.   There are masses of dandelions this year and the leaves are especially good for stimulating digestion and removing stagnation.

Spring is the time to start putting the ideas that you have been germinating over Winter into action, to de-clutter and get yourself in order.  It is also the time to let go of anger and resentment, which can be held in the liver ( the organ associated with Spring).

Just a few ideas to get you going!

Enjoy Spring now that it’s finally here…..


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