Rhythm of Beauty is a unique collection of award winning skincare and lifestyle products using natural and organic ingredients, handcrafted by the founder Louise Allen.

With all the developments of modern living, there comes a flip side!  You are expected to be "on" all the time and as a result may have lost touch with the natural flow of life and the rhythm of the seasons.  Since your skin is the main organ that reflects your health and wellbeing and is a mirror of your connection to mother earth, Rhythm of Beauty products, treatments and lifestyle advice can help bring you back on course with your own rhythms and those of nature.  These luxurious products are packed with botanical extracts, flower essences and the highest grade vibrational oils which are awarded the seed to seal promise. Rhythm of Beauty products nourish on a deep level as they work in synergy with your energy fields, aligning you body and mind to the rhythm of the season translating nature’s secrets through your skin - skin to soul...............

The entire range is free from chemicals, parabens, fillers or synthetics and has been used successfully on clients for over 10 years. To ensure the best quality an eco-range of glass packaging has been sourced which naturally extends the shelf life of each product.

Rhythm of Beauty Alignment

A Rhythm of Beaty Alignment uses the collection of products in a bespoke holistic treatment experience designed to match what our body and soul needs each season. A full alignment is a two hour long appointment, commencing with tea and a consultation. The treatment itself will always be a facial and bodywork, which is dependent upon which organs are in power that season. Tea, water and seasonal snacks will be provided and the session is concluded with seasonal nutritional and lifestyle advice and a seasonal essence to take home. Clients may also have a one hour treatment which is consultation and facial only.


Winter Retreat and Restore Seasonal Alignment

This Alignment prepares you to retreat into Winter and includes a luxurious holistic facial and a heavenly salt scrub and back massage.  It is a very bespoke session where I will use a variety of techniques including flower essence therapy, shiatsu techniques, lymphatic drainage, floral accupuncture, and reiki as well as working with the meridians of the kidney and bladder which are associated with Winter.  Also included in the treatment is a consultation, herbal tea, with seasonal nutrition and well-being advice.

A Rhythm of Beauty Alignment will leave you feeling deeply relaxed with an enhanced sense of well-being, your skin will feel nourished and balanced and you will feel aligned and in flow with Winter.

The full treatment is two hours but it is possible to choose a one hour option

Winter Botanicals and Skin Nourishing Ingredients

Home grown flower essences of Hellebore rose, Olive blossoms, Winter pansy and shell elixir with essential oils of Frankinsense, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Chamomile, Q10, Vitamin A and E, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Coco Seed Butter, Shea Butter, Coconut butter, Almond and Avacado oil


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